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Blog: blog.blong.com

Mobile (from UK): (07770) 663 053

Mobile (from outside UK): +44 (7770) 663 053

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Brian Long

Brian Long used to work at Borland UK, performing a number of duties including Technical Support on all the programming tools. Since leaving in 1995, Brian has been providing training and consultancy on Borland's RAD products ever since, and is now moving into the .NET world.

However, since then Brian has been providing freelance training, consultancy and problem-solving services for Borland's RAD products, and has also moved into the .NET world. This is both on-site (around the British Isles and within Europe) and, in the case of consultancy and problem-solving, sometimes also by email.

Brian regularly holds seminars and speaks at conferences around the world, including Borland Conferences (BorCon) and Delphi Conferences (DCon), and he also speaks at many UK Borland User Group (BUG) meetings.

Besides authoring a Borland Pascal problem-solving book published in 1994, and co authoring an early Delphi book published in 1996, Brian is a regular columnist in The Delphi Magazine and has had numerous articles published in Linux Format, Developers Review, Computing, Delphi Developers Journal and EXE Magazine. and on the Borland Developer Network Web site. He has also contributed chapters to some popular Delphi books.

Brian was nominated for the Spirit of Delphi 2000 award and was announced as Best Speaker at the BorCon 2002 (Borland's US Conference), held in Anaheim, California, July 2002.

A growing number of Brian's articles, published in various magazines, are available on the Web. See the articles page for full details.

What people say about Brian

These are a small number of comments that have been said about me, taken either from emails or conference session evaluation forms.

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Certification Information


Delphi 6 Product Certified
Advanced Delphi 6 Product Certified

C++Builder 5 Product Certified
Borland C++Builder 5 Product Certified

Certified Borland Delphi 4 Client/Server Consultant

Certified Borland Delphi 2 Client/Server Developer


Delphi 6.0 Master level Delphi 6.0 Master level, December 13 th, 2002

Delphi 5.0 Master level Delphi 5.0 Master level, December 7 th, 2000

Delphi 3.0 Master level Delphi 3.0 Master level, December 13 th, 2002

.NET Framework .NET Framework, December 13th, 2002

C# C# Master level, April 24 th, 2002

C Programming C Programming, January 5 th, 2000

HTML 4.0 HTML 4.0, February 12 th, 2000

Programmer/Analyst Aptitude Master level Programmer/Analyst Aptitude Master level, January 12 th, 2000

General Linux Administration Linux Administration (general), January 29 th, 2000

Red Hat Linux Administration Linux Administration (Red Hat), December 16 th, 2000

SuSE Linux Administration Linux Administration (SuSE), December 23 rd, 2000

Linux Programmer Linux Programming, January 29 th, 2000

MS Windows 95 Administration MS Windows 95 Administration, January 12 th, 2000

MS Windows 95 Navigation Master level MS Windows 95 Navigation Master level, January 11 th, 2000

MS Windows 98 Administration MS Windows 98 Administration, January 13 th, 2000

MS Windows 98 Navigation Master level MS Windows 98 Navigation Master level, January 11 th, 2000

Brainbench 'Most Valued Professional' for Win98 Brainbench 'Most Valuable Professional' for Win98

Follow this hyperlink to view Brian's Brainbench certification transcript View Brian's Brainbench certification transcript

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