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Welcome to Brian Long Consultancy and Training Services.

Brian has been delivering training, consultancy, development, mentoring and trouble-shooting services since 1995. Specialising in Windows, .NET, C#, Delphi, C++Builder and now mobile devices running iOS and Android (along with Xamarin for Android and iOS, and Oxygene for Java), he has helped numerous clients over this time span with getting new hires immersed into projects, training people on programming subjects from beginner to advanced level, project development, consultancy servics and problem-solving exercises.

Training these days is typically tailor-made for the customer, but details of some of the older formal courses are still available.

As well as the information about his normal day job, you can also find full details of all the talks Brian has made over the years at User Group meetings, at conferences around the world (he was named Best Speaker at BorCon 2002 in Anaheim, California), and all the seminars/Masterclasses he has run.

Additionally, you can find references to various articles he has written and which can be found on various sites on the web along with details of his certifications.

Brian's blog is at

I'm all for knowing a variety of development tools so I'm best armed to help and work with customers who have varying needs and requirements.

Both Delphi XE5 (and later) and Oxygene target both Android and iOS, and there are pluses and minuses for both products.

Becoming well versed with both tools was my goal so I can pass on experience and assistance through conference talks, user group talks, blog posts, consultancy and bespoke training.

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